Hello welcome friends here is the gbmusics.com’s Tech Team with the solution of the Redmi Airdots problem when any sided airdot not connecting with our device Bluetooth.

There are few simple steps to stop this problem with your Redmi airdots not conneting problems-

Step 1. Make sure you have disconnected and clear the Bluetooth connection information on the mobile phone. Turn off the Redmi AirDots on both sides: press the touch panel for 5 seconds (red light on) and enter the shutdown state.


Step 2. Clear the series state of the two Redmi AirDots: shut down, press the touch panel of the two headphones for 10 seconds (the red and white lights flicker alternately and then go out), do not let go for 10 seconds (the red and white lights flash alternately for 3 times).


Step 3. Put the headset back in the charging box and then take the two headphones out of the charging box. Wait about 3 seconds for the headset to automatically turn on and connect. When the white light of the right headset flashes slowly, turn on the phone Bluetooth to search for “Mi AIRDOTS BASIC_R“.


Redmi Airdots headphones can not connect to the left ear, in fact, this is likely to switch to monaural mode, we can reset the headset to switch binaural mode by the above steps.



What's the next?

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