Find my device android There are too many phone recovery apps listed on the Android Google Play Store, which can be very helpful in when you lose your phone or if mobile gets stolen. But,

What if it’s too late and your Mobile has gone stolen before you’ve installed the Apps?

Good news:
there is Second way. Here is Solution of how you can track your missing Android Mobile even without a proper Android Mobile App.

find my device android Let’s have a look at the simple way to get back your Android phone back to its rightful owner! If you are the owner of Redmi Xiaomi phones, please try to track your stolen Mobile in How to use MI Cloud to find your lost Xiaomi phone.

How to track your mobile using ADM(Android Device Maneger) ?

find my device android

find my device android Step 1: Make sure if your gadget meets the requirements of using ADM.To ensure you can track your phone effectively, these requirements are as follows:

● Your Mobile is associated with your Google account.

● Your Android gadget has internet access.

● In your losted device Android Device Manager (ADM) is allowed to track your Mobile (turned on by default). This can be Modified in the Google Settings app.

● ADM is allowed to lock your Phone and erase device data (turned off by default). This can be modified in the Google Settings app.

find my device android Step 2: Sign in to Google account to locate your phone.
Head over to ADM(Android Device Manager) where you need to Sign in with your Google account. After you’ve signed in successfully, you can start locating/tracking your Android Mobile phone.

If this is the 1st time you have done this, you will be prompted to accept Google’s request for location/tracking data. As this is a tracking service, it’s necessary to do so to let the feature to perform perfectly.

Step 3: Check the present position of your Android Mobile.

find my device android
If you already have a gadget with location features turned on then it should automatically appear on your list. Here you will see the present position of your Smartphone, along with the last time handset was worked.

find my device android
I got a new feature in the search listed page. You can search directly “where is my phone” and Google will show a little places map above the search results in which it will try to Locate your Android Mobile Phone. You can Sign in to your account and you should be able to shortly find any registered Android phone right from the Google search results listed map. Once found, you can let it ring by taping on “Ring” in the option left corner.

find my device android
find my device android find my device android find my device android

find my device android
The downside, although it creates it quickly to track your Mobile phone, it does not offer all the options you get with the proper version of ADM(Android Device Manager).

In case there is no computer/laptop around when you lose your device

find my device android
you can also use someone else’s Android phone to find it. Instead of using the mobile Internet browser App, you can use the ADM(Android Device Manager) app. If the other Android phone does not have it, Easily download it here. You can Log in through the guest mode and your Google/gmail account credentials. Now, you should be able to Locate your lost Android device, let it ring or wipe Android Mobile data remotely.

find my device android
ADM(Android Device Maneger) does not offer more options to control remotely your Mobile. I hope that Google keeps making more better it and introduces more uselpful features, such as taking photos in case it got losted and you want to get a snapshot of that person who found it and get the ultimate revenge of posting the photo all over social media.

To track a phone or wipe your Android device, you need to use ADM(Android Device Manager). Sure, there are other third Party security apps which may turn out to be more helpful than ADM. But, all in all, ADM serves the easiest way to locate an Android Mobile.

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