How to save our whatsapp contact friends published status videos or images ?

WhatsApp App maken the “Status” Service officially back in this February. It lets whatsapp users share any photos, any videos, and any GIFs which will be disappeared after 24 hours from whatsapp status tab. The status feature was initially called a “duplicate” of Snapchat Stories by whatsapp users and other all experts from worldwide. Nevertheless, the status feature is slowly getting up and going to be popular amongst the users Save whatsapp status app.

WhatsApp Status updates are spoiled by nature. So, Official WhatsApp does not say from the “official” way to save these shared files. Some WhatsApp users take a screenshot from status view time to save the image statuses, but they are not found a way or trick about the saving status videos! Even the taken screenshots fail to keep the photos in the same quality as it is on WhatsApp Status. So then what is the best way to save to gallery the WhatsApp statuses? let we tell you…Wharsapp status saver app

Whatsapp status saver app
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How to Save/Copy WhatsApp “Status” Photos and Videos

There are one of the best ways to save any WhatsApp Status into phone gallery easily. The way is using a file manager app. if you need to save the image statuses occasionally, then you can follow the way. explained in detail below:


Save Whatsapp Status files using File Manager –

WhatsApp stores the status files (images/videos) locally on whatsapp users phone. But these are losted after 24 hours. So, what we can do is for store them for a long time we have to create a folder for the temporary folder and save them to a safe location. Here’s how:

Note: You must have a File Manager app to perform Whatsapp status saver app method. Most mobile phones (like from Xiaomi, LG, OnePlus, Samsung, and Sony ) have it giving it by default. You can find this by looking for an application named “File manager”(whatsapp status saver app) or “Files”. 

whatsapp status saver app
Whatsapp status saving
  1. 1 Open and view the status which you need to save. This will generate a temporary file copy of the same on the mobile phone’s storage.
  2. 2 Open your File Manager app(whatsapp status saver app
  3. 3  Click on “show hidden files” it will visible into otions from three dots.
  4. 4 Open to the WhatsApp folder by opening-  (i) internal storage
  5.    (ii) Whatsapp (iii) media (iv) Statuses
  6. 5   Mark there files as selected for Copy the photos/videos which you want to      save.
  7. 6  Paste them into a our created temprary created folder.

That’s all! The copied Whatsapp status photos and Whatsapp status videos will be saved forever. You can found them later by opening the folder where it was copied to.Thanks for reading our whatsapp status saving method we hopes it will be helpful for you thanks and visit and explore more updates of new tricks and features

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