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OnceMake Enabled Find my device on Iphone
How to find your losted or stolen apple mobile this method we have to use when our mobile is Powered off or Offline

Find My iPhone is an ios App developed by Apple, helping you to remotely locate down your Apple iphone using your iCloud id and password.

If you are enabled Find my iPhone on your Apple mobile before losting your Apple Mobile,then you can see your iphone location on a map, you will know the last Location of your Apple device with Find My iPhone application being offline or power off.

To set up Find My iPhone on your device, please follow steps:

Find powered off or offline iphone

Step 1.Go to Iphone Settings and Enter to iCloud with your Apple ID.
Step 2.Click on iCloud.
Step 3.Enable Find My iPhone and enable Send last location in
you can see this Step the screenshot given below

track offline, powered off Apple iphone

Find My iPhone application must be installed on another ios device for track down your Apple iPhone.

download Find My iPhone App from the APP store. it will send your last location to Apple when the device is power off or offline.

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