For Deactivate any jio Number Caller tune as:-
Working Jio number
My jio App

we can Deactivate Jio Caller tune thru SMS
Open Message app on your smartphone
Write ‘Stop’ in the message typing box and send it to 56789
Answer reply with ‘1’ to confirm the Caller tune deactivation
Once done, the Jio caller tune user will receive a confirmation message with,  .. SMS-
Services have been deactivated on your number.” 

jio tune deactivate
jio tune deactivate

After Replying with 1 you will recieve a SMS message as we showed you in the messages ScreenShot there we are providing information step by step for Jio tune deactivate

jio tune deactivate

That’s all guys your dialer/caller tune has been deactivated after followinng our given steps we hope this article will be useful for all jio tune users which are looking for jio tune deactivate from his number

Method #2: jio tune deactivate Using My Jio
– First of all open MyJio app.
– Tap on ‘JioTunes’ option thru the menu.
– Go to ‘My Subscriptions page’ and click on ‘Deactivate JioTune’ at the bottom of the current page
-Select on the ‘Yes’ option on at the confirmation page

jio tune deactivate
jio tune deactivate

Method #3 We can Deactivate our jio dialer tunes thru IVR 
– First of all you have to open your smartphone’s dialer app(phone)
– Dial 155223 and make a call from the Jio number
– choose the prefered language by selecting one for English and two for Hindi
– Now, the IVR will Show all the active Value-added-services on your jio number
– Select the Jio Tune option to deactivate your activated caller tune song

jio tune deactivate
jio caller tune removing number

How to set Jio tune again?

Method #1 Set Jio Caller Tune with MyJio App:
first of all download MyJio app on your android phone. Then log in thru OTP or ID, PASSWORD. It will automatically Sign in the n case of Jio number users.

Go to the app and choose for Jio Tunes” option. You will get a list of songs from different categories like Bollywood, international, regional, devotional. You just choose a song and listen to confirming the current song is the correct song which you want to set jio tune onto your jio number

Click on “Set as Jio Tunes” option to activate the song which you selected as your jio dialer tune. Wait for a moment and you will receive SMS on activation of your jio caller tune.

Congratulations, now your jio tune is set and you can enjoy the Jio Tunes service for 30 days for free.

Method #2 We can Activate any song as a caller tune thru Saavan App
First download Jio Saavn app directly on your Android mobile. For a Jio number user, it will automatically Be Logged in. In case when you are not a Jio sim user then log in with OTP or fill the credential.

Sign in to Jio saavn app to check out the recent releases. Search and choose a song or music of your own choice.